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i hate when you voluntarily tell your parents some information about your life because you think you can trust them and then they bitch at you for it like congrats you have guaranteed that i will never tell you anything ever again 

and then you do it again because deep in your heart you hope they may change because you’re their child but they keep doing that over and over again 

  • me: I should draw something
  • me: [does absolutely nothing]

You use the scariest Pokemon available in the game and you’re this cute stop it.

I love when people misunderstand things.
The word, “deito” (デイト) that Mako uses, in wasei eigo, means outing with friends. It doesn’t, by default, have to be in a romantic context. That’s just your western brain mucking up the word’s meaning. Japan is different. “Deito” is a generic word that high schoolers use when they hang out with friends. 
Mako was not asking Ryuuko out on a romantic outing, though that much should be obvious since Satsuki joins them before it even begins. It’s three girls going shopping. Hanging out. Taking selfies. Eating ice cream…you know, things girls do when they go out together. 
Then you have Gamagoori creeping around the corner ready to confess and ask Mako out himself…with the Elite Four’s encouragement. Do you really think that if Mako had genuinely confessed to Ryuuko in front of his face, that he would even be attempting this? No. He would not. 
What Mako does during her hallelujah sequences, if you haven’t gotten the memo, is she illustrates puns or exaggerates depictions depending on what words she’s saying. She says “deito” and Trigger makes her act out a real romantic date with Ryuuko because “hahaha” funny. You’re not supposed to take the hallelujah scenes literally. 
My god, this is worse than the time people thought Tsumugu was hitting on Satsuki. He was making a lame joke. -__-

I hate everything so much my Xbox deleted ALL of my save files SOMEHOW?? I never cry so I’m not crying but I’m really fuckin close to breaking this mirror next to me



more pokemans

pls make pokemonshaming a thing
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